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How can you purchase a racquet without trying it first?  Do you realize that you pay an average of $20.00 to demo only 1 racquet on line?  The price goes up if you want to demo more.   Also, if the racquet is not returned on time, you will incur a late fee and could be subject to pay full price for the racquet.  Or, you may find that there is no demo program at all.  Do you want to take a chance and invest in a racquet without trying it out first? 


We at First Serve do not charge our customers to demo who are in the market to purchase a new racquet.  We work on the honor system here and ask that you purchase the racquet from us when you decide on the racquet that you like.  We do appreciate the return of the demo racquets in a timely manner so that we have them available for other customers to use.  

We will ask you for a credit card number if you decide to take the racquet off site.  We invest heavily in our demo racquet program.  We must pay for the demo racquets, string and stringing so that our customers have the opportunity to “test” out a variety of racquets before you purchase them from First Serve.  We want you to be happy with your racquet selection. 

If you are under 18 years of age, we must receive permission from your parent to demo racquets so that we can determine the price range they have in mind, etc.   
Thank you for your business!  

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